Reloop Announces the HiFi TURN 2 Analogue Turntable


Reloop has announced their HiFi TURN 2, a belt-driven turntable made for vinyl purists wanting to immerse themselves in the world of analogue listening pleasure. Some key features of the turntable include a smooth belt drive and low-noise DC motor, a new straight tonearm design with optimal tracking performance, and a heavy MDF plinth with an elegant, slim line design.



Dedicated to DJs, turntablists, vinyl-junkies and record collectors, Reloop has been releasing some pretty cool products this year. We recently took a look at the upgraded RP-7000 MK2 turntable, built specifically to withstand harsh conditions in the DJ booth. Quite the opposite, the TURN 2 is perfect for your home. The built-in, low-vibration DC motor is extremely quiet meaning the TURN 2 can be ideally set up in listening environments or living rooms. 

Thanks to a pre-installed elliptical cartridge from Ortofon, the TURN 2 is ready to use right out of the box. A new straight tonearm design allows for optimal tracking performance with an angled headshell and Ortofon cartridge that sits perfectly in the groove of the record.

The TURN 2 comes in a sleek matte black, red or white finish. It retails for $299 USD and will be available in mid-November. Check out the Reloop website for more information and let us know if you think this turntable is perfect for the audiophile in your life. Leave your comments below!





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